Letters of Nothing To Anybody

I've moved to a country that made me want to wear LIPSTICK.

Not a bad thing, but...now I even OWN and use a £22 foundation. Me. The queen of either no make-up or the absolute wake-up crack baby look.

Internet Explorer Wallpaper

I blame vodka. That lovely wishes-it-was-water fluid that's keeping me up. The old I DON'T DRINK IF I HAVE TO WORK THE NEXT DAY me has gone and fled the cunt-ry. Hi guys, I'll be fucked tomorrow afternoon.

And then go home and get fucked. Up.

How hipster is that? I am half hipster...half...clone. Not clone enough to listen to %99 of the new music that's out now. But then why do I have to listen to new shit. New shit is so old. I'd rather dwell on old Youtube vids and the shopping channel. Even tho those fuckers feel the need to shout over nothing.
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