Letters of Nothing To Anybody

It's funny how the littlest things can wake someone up from a sound sound sleep. My dad slams his bedroom door EVERY time he shuts it, even if his woman is asleep (I'd skin his ass for that shit) and it pretty much rattles the WHOLE HOUSE.

I fell asleep sandwiched between both of the cats the night before last and was awakened by a cat fight ON ME (okay, more like across, but still). Nothing super strenuous, mostly yowling and a good swat to Fred's face until I woke up and smacked the Bink and everyone went back to sleep.

That didn't wake me up today. Usually it's my dad sitting downstairs taking 2 hours to eat his morning porridge that wakes me up. Not even THAT annoyance woke me up this morning. Whoever ran the fucking Hoover this morning didn't even convince me to crawl out of bed (and running a vaccuum while anyone within earshot and sleeping is a cardinal sin and should be lashed with wet reeds).

What made me zombie-shamble out of bed and down the stairs was the sound of the first drop of cat pee hitting the painted wood floor not 3 feet away from my ear.

I was up and out of bed like a shot.

Walking on me would have sufficed to wake me up to let me know that someone by the name of Fred had to get out of the room to use the cat-loo. (Better #1 than #2 though!)

Last night, as I have mentioned, I made a comic. It is 100% Dave approved.

Y'all can make one too. This site kicks ass.
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I made a comic today.

It's about a real guy in a real city with a real mobile phone who's real cool.

Click the pic to have a look.

that is good

David says:
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Oldies but goodies.

I can't wait to get home so I can post new stuff.

Sometimes I say things and later I'm like why the hell did I just say that? Yeah, I dunno either. Son of a bitch!

And you know what else steals the goat from my villiage and makes the villiagers angry cos they are going to be goat-cheeseless, and then they rise up and burn the crops because they want their goat back even though that won't help and now they are going to starve because they haven't got any wheat for the winter but they won't realise that until the first snow?

People have said some effed up things to me and I only just now friggin realised just HOW fucked up they were. Yeah, like Hi. My name is Retardo the Moron and I have my head up my ass. FUUUUCK!!

OK ok...so I was just thinking about how fat my [insert multiple expletives here] ex-husband was, for no other reason than I was vaccuuming and that Hoovers suck and that he sucks, so there's the whole association with house cleaning, I'm not really mental. So he was (at the time, probably still is, if not more) like 3 bills large and really, noone should weigh that much unless you're a wrassler or an animal of some sort or you really like cake, (which is cool by me, cos I like me some cake too) or unless you feel like it. I don't care what anyone else looks like, I just think it's funny that he's a fat tub of guts.

So he's all fat and shit and he was gonna go on some diet that his buddy was on, and said that I HAD to go on it too, and all I thought back then because I was brainwashed and naive, was that there was no way in hell I was gonna go on some stupid diet. I've never weighed over 145lbs my entire life. Why the hell would I wanna do something like that?

But we all see where I am now.

Hah...he's a fat bastard!! With emphasis on the bastard part.

And I think I can proudly say that will be the last time I post about his lame ass. I have better things to think about. (Like all those sit-ups I need to do.)


(Oh yeah and ps I know. Noone needs to tell me what better things I have to think about. In fact, don't.)
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Because the Hoff is the Man.

But he's just a bit closer cos this is my first birthday pressie. Even if it's WAY early.

Whatshisname is enough for me (Love you!). But boy, oh, boy do I luuuurve me some Hoff.

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I have nothing to say except that I am enjoying a re-run of the Golden Girls.

Here is a poorly scanned scan of my face.

Congratulations, I am awesome.

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Weeeeell, it seems my little furry friend Fred doesn't just have any old bump on his widdle fuzzy footie, it seems to be a tumor. *sigh*

Remember those 7 lives I said he had? Well, they are in the form of an hourglass and it done got flipped over and the sand is fillin up the other side. S'good, I guess...he's 15, which is pretty old for a cat, although I hope he goes in his sleep rather than having to get him put down. I hate the sound of that. Hopefully, it won't happen while I am here. I dunno if that sound shorrible or not, but really, I don't want to see his end. I'll cry my fucking eyes out when it does come though, no matter where I be.

In other news a 6-pack last night gave me a class 4 hangover. My brain is hating my head right now.

That's it.

I quit.

And I am SO super serial.
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FUCK the remote just got stuck on the Oxygen channel. FUCKETY FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK. It's like a car wreck and I can't look away and Grace Under Fire is on AND I WISH I HAD STAYED ON COMEDY CENTRAL.

*deep breath*

*pounds little runner buttons on remote some more*

Hey...good idea...get UP and hit the little buttons on the satellite reciever box. So old fashioned it actually worked!! Hurray for Law & Order! (Give me a few and I'll be yaulping the Simpson-esque cry for "Maaaaatloooooockk!")

So yeah, this morning I woke and up and walked out into the hallway to see what looked like the scene of a massacre. Seriously, blood all over the floor, on the stairs, on the windowsill. All nice and dried.

My cat, Fred, is an old curmudgeon and I think he went on another killing spree last night (I was wondering why my dad's truck was still in the driveway this morning). His old age is getting to him and making the old fart CAH-ranky. Prone to chainsaw murder sprees after everyone's gone to bed. There was blood outside my bedroom door...I think he was laying in wait for me, but decided at the last minute that I could live to tell the story of his murderous rampage.

Downstairs the kitchen was tracked with bloody pawprints, mostly concentrated by the food dish. (Hey, chopping people up at his age probably works up one hell of an appetite.) Really, though, Fred has a big ol abscess on his front paw and he's been licking at it and it's been making a friggin mess. Poor old bastard.

So, my day consisted of, so far, scrubbing up all this blood off the floor and cleaning off his poor bloody face. He's going to the vet, thankfully, this afternoon.

He freaked the hell out of me a couple hours ago when I put his still ass up on the sink to have a drink of water and clean his face off, and I left to go put something together for lunch, and I forgot about him for about 5 or so minutes and turned around to see Fred just sitting there on the sink, looking at me. So I ran over and before I got there I must have scared the crap out of him becuase he fucking jumped off and ran away from me...then 15 minutes later when I was at the computer I hear a YOOOOWWLLLL...yoooooowwwwwwl. I hollered his name and went looking and found him laying on the floor on the hallway and I though "Oh, shit. He broke himself jumping off the sink. Shittyshitshit."

But I went to get the phone and he walked out of the hallway as I was dialing my dad's work.

Have I mentioned that bleach makes me crazy?

The stories they have about cats having 9 lives are true...I'm telling you, Fred is living proof of all that.

We didn't pick him out when we got em, the man who was driving the truck and decided to throw his tiny grey and white butt out the window picked us out for him. And when we happened upon the tiny bundle of fluff, he had a big old hole in the side of his head, if I recall correctly, to the bone. We fixed ol Freddy right up, bag balmed his head and kept an eye out. I'm sure his brain was a little jostled from the toss and landing, but overall he's a good guy. Attacked my feet when he was younger...fulla spit n vinegar, and an unnatural lust for my Littlefoot plushie.

A few years later, he up and disappeared somewhere and was gone for a few days. Not too long after, he showed up looking a little worse for the wear with this huge gash across his throat where he had gotten stuck in some string and probably stuggled and thrashed around trying to get out. He came out of that experience with another scar.

So, I figure he's got about 7 more lives to go. And if the Bink doesn't chase him down the basement stairs, I think he'll be a-ok for a while.

He goes to the vet in an hour anyhow.
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Today I am at the extra height of hotness. Everyone should be jealous of my magenta sweatpants and "I don't do mousework" kitty t-shirt. I am awesome. The sweatpants are shaped funny. If I pull them up to my waist, they go halfway up my calves. If I wear them on my hips like a normal human being, then the crotch sags down somewhere near my knees. Maybe I should see if I have any stirrup pants stashed somewhere so I can wear those with flip-flops and socks.

"Unskinny Bop" was playing on a TV advertisement earlier and it's scary that I remember seeing that video play on MTV when MTV still only played music and not a bunch of stupid reality shows and screaming teenagers screaming over hip-hop videos. Maybe MTV should change their name to STV as in Show Television. It would make more sense. Oh well, I don't watch it anyway, so I don't really care.

I was watching the WE channel yesterday because "The Princess Bride" was on and that is a great story. And I know it's the Women's Empowerment channel or some damn thing like that, but really, how is it empowering to have advertisements that say perfectly plucked eyebrows are a vital part of being a woman or that Nutra-System is the way to go and I have to say just watching ads during that (and also during 'Meet Joe Black' which would have had me weeping on the sofa had my dad and his woman not been there watching it with me) short period of time gave me a fucking complex.

I'm going to curl up in my awesome sweatpants now and watch TV and stuff my face with cookies. That is a good idea. "Highlander" is on and I am so there.
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I'm bored. Borededy bored bored bored. Bored

Bored to the izzle. On the rizzle? Stupid.

I had spaghetti three times today. And a banana.


I'm gonna watch Law & Order.

Even more yee-haw.

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So, uh...yeah. Uh.

There was that thing, you know, in the place with all the stuff and then there was this dude and he was like, "Uh" about some stuff and I was like, "Really?" and he was like, "For real." And then I was like, "Whoa." And then he was like, "Yeah it was cool."

Then there was some more of this stuff and it was like, a thingummy and then I realised it was like, wicked late and stuff and that it didn't really matter. So then we like did some more stuff at that one place with the thingies and it was cool. After that I got hungry and ate a sandwich.

Then we all lived happily ever after with unicorns and stuff.

The End.
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It has recently come to my attention that I am going through massive gaming withdrawal. After nearly 2 months of not being able to flip on my favourite MMORPG or game console whenever I want to, all these new shiny pixellated wonders that are being flashed all over the TV and hearing about Whatshisname's conquests through Norrath and bombing missions in BF2 and about how great Oblivion is has started to make me K-R-A-Z-Y.

I am not even that much of a game geek...I've played EverQuest for 4 or so years on and off, Guild Wars for a while...hell, I'm not even really that good at it - I can't even beat Mario Brothers. And I have to have a step-by-step cheat sheet up on my computer when I play Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Linc and I haven't even gotten far enough for him to grow up yet!

Dammit though,I could go for a blast at Sonic the Hedgehog (which I am hoping Dad still has along with our Genesis), and I have a huge hankering to try out some Kingdom Hearts. I want to log into EQ and just run to Qeynos and pwn grass snakes.

I started to download MapleStory last night, but it would have taken 43 hours on dial up. Screw that noise.

So, when I get back home I have like, three EverQuest expansions to collect and catch up on, but that won't be bad, playing with Whatshisname is always fun. It always has been, he's a considerate person in the real and also ingame, unlike sooo many people who are only concerned with their own progress. That, sadly was one of the reasons I stopped playing (beside the fact that old Compy was a bastard and took a huge shit on my old Gforce, rendering me unable to game.) and also a reason why I am hesitant to play again, since I have nearly 4 expansions worth of stuff to catch up on. Three of which I haven't even begun to explore. BUT I totally miss playing ANY kind of game with Whatshisname, and that overcomes any hesitation because I know he'll be there for me.

And we'll pwn anything that the monk drags in.

Now, I guess I'm gonna go outside and stack firewood out in Spider Central like my dad wants. Gack. Only one yesterday thank goodness, but there's still a huge stack of wood and that could harbor ANY amount of monster-sized creepy crawlies. Ugh.

Plus it's Mum's birthday and I gots to give her a ringydingy.
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I am a mighty good artiste so since I can't add any REAL photos (nothing current anyway) to my blog at the moment, I have decided that drawing would be a good way to show what's going on.

This is my depiction of the chicken dress.

I will refrain from drawing certain parties in this item of clothing though, because I value my friendship and I hope this certain person doesn't hate me too much for even mentioning to the entire world that he in fact, once, did wear it.

But yeah, pretty sexy huh?
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Being back here in good ol blink-and-you-miss-it Leon, NY is still a little surreal. I haven't been here for freakin years and now here I am among all the artifacts of my youth. It's wierd stumbling on certain items that had a huge meaning at one point, and while faded and sometimes stained, some of those memories are still there and they come tumbling back.

When I came back here to spend the night in March it was a full on 'OMG I SO REMEMBER THAT' night. My dad made me go through ALL of my old stuff and deem what could get tossed/thrown away/donated. I dunno why he couldn't have just put it up in the attic with the rest of the unknown amounts of shiznit, but here I was and so it would be that I would rummage.

I found journals and pictures and all sorts of crap, mostly stuff that I wouldn't be too fussed about going away as long as I didn't have to do it. I picked out a few choice things and set them aside to go into Mum's barn with all of HER stuff that just cannot get thrown away.

Today I stumbled upon another choice relic that Kaotix would know all too well...and on mention of this object would cringe.

The fabled chicken dress. It makes those who know of it, and especially those who have worn it, tremble.

(I wish I could post photos...stupid me didnt bring my camera stuff because I didn't think I'd be here long and plus this computer would probably implode.)

But yeah, this infamous chicken dress is a treasure I happened on during one of my many ventures to the Salvation Army when I was a kid. I specialised in dressing like a weirdo, and the thrift shop was THE place to find everything I needed.

When I happened upon this yellow dress with green chicken wire pattern PLUS! green chickens running across it, I HAD to have it.

Now, what made this dress so scary...especially for a boy, is the infamous Video Tape, which is possibly lost to us all forever, and while that is not a bad thing, it is also freaking hilarious. Probably moreso at the time (1996ish) and even more to those who were featured on it.

A bunch of my friends and I went out in like, November for a dip in Lake Erie with our clothes on even though it was buttass cold. We rush in, we freeze our booties off and make for my house because the parentals just happened to be gone for the weekend and my house was ze perfect place for a buncha teenagers to lounge around. And what with it in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours to complain should there be any noise...poifect.

It's been a while so I forget all the good details that make a great story, but I know I got out my dad's video camera and Mum's guitar and made video of us doing stupid shit. There was the bit called 'Guitar With a Nude Man' named so not because one of our friends was naked playing the guitar, but because he changed out of wet clothes into a towel and the angle of the camera made it LOOK like he was. Then there was the bit where we were all chasing each other around the house like pirates or something and Kaotix and another friend of ours were holed up in my room and I somehow thought it was a REALLY good idea to go downstairs and get a freaking knife and when they cracked open the door I jabbed it through assuming that they would see it and I very nearly stabbed someone in the face. But I didn't so we are allowed to laugh about it and Kaotix thinks that was like, the best part of the video, when really, the part where he was somehow coaxed into wearing the chicken dress and a scarf on his head and make-up was the best because we got him on video in this horrible drag and he will NEVER live it down because I am a mean friend.

But hopefully that video is hidden like the Holy Grail or something.
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Tonight my dad is having a sauna party.

All day long I have been trying to get images of people I shouldn't ever have to know about them ever ever ever get naked getting naked and I can't quite over come the nausea.

Not that naked is bad...but come on...it's my dad and his friends (!!!). Parents do NOT go sit in a sauna and then jump into the pond for a skinny dip with their buddies! No! No!

At least I made it 27 years and 11 months before I was horribly psychologically scarred. It could be worse...I could choose the wrong time to peer out the back window and...*shudder*
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Oh yeah, and what's up with all this Easter bunny crap anyway? I mean, I've heard old wives tales and I could probably be not lazy and search the internet which probably has a wealth of Easter (why not Wester or Norther or Souther?) trivia, but I like to ask because that's how I do things downtown.

I know all about the Jesus thing...they've been goin ON and ON and ON about this guy on like, three channels...and that's not even the Bible-thumping Televangelist Speaking in tounges channels. (oh oh oh and MadTV (rerun) spoofed a religious show only they were all atheists and they were songing praise to nothing and Aries Spears was going on about Hallelujah Praise Nothin and sermonising and Debra Wilson starts doing the church lurch and jabbering on in tongues and rolling around on the floor in her Sunday best and it was HILARIOUS). And it's all very interesting, but it doesn't explain why we hunt for eggs instead of like, Jesuses or something. Not that I am complaining, but I am hoping that I'm not going to H-E-Double-fried-mozzarella-sticks.

I suppose, though, that bunnies are way cuter than say, a crucifixtion, and I'd rather bite the head off a chocolate rabbit than Jesus anyway. I think that would be a Do-Not-Pass-Go-Do-Not-Collect-$200-Go-Straight-To-Hell sin (for lack of better words I couldn't think of).

So, I was drinking more boxowine last night out of this kickass pint glass (!!) because I am high class and do things properly all the time and I passed out on the sofa and woke up this morning with the TV blaring SNL at me and I found my camera between the cushions (and freaked out a little because Whatshisname gave me that!) and the empty pack of pork ramen that I ate uncooked but the remote is currently lost and I even looked upstairs when I went to bed but I couldn't find it and I suppose I will look UNDER the couch now and hope it's there. But I'm not looking for it right now because the channel is stuck on Comedy Central and Clueless is on so it's okay.

And my dad is going to the store and buying me spam and fritos and BEER and boxed macaroni & cheese and diet pepsi and spaghetti in a can and I am going to eat ALL of that and be really fat when I get married. Whatshisname is a lucky lucky man.

Also, pork is a funny word.

And we found the remote deep in the nether regions of the sofa along with Jimmy Hoffa and the Holy Grail.
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Scribby McShibby was saying the other day that he bet noone has ever likened me to the Easter Bunny, but, being the deeply weird (as he likes to say) person that I am HAVE had the odd fortune of being nicknamed 'Easter Bunny' in highschool.

It's not really all that interesting, so I'll bore everyone with the details.

I used to wear this Amish straw hat around (sunburn + scalp = NO) and had a scarf tied around the brim so it looked pretty cute (I have pics of it...I'm WTFing myself for not having scanned any in when I had the chance, ah well, later. It's on my list of things to buy, also a tripod.)

Anyway, I was hanging out with my fellow marching band geekazoids at practice or something and was sitting in the grass with my friends.

Minding our business, enjoying the pleasant summer day.

All of the (*snicker*) sudden this kid starts laughing at me because the breeze caught the scarf and made the ends stand up, giving me rabbit ears. AND THIS IS SO EXCITING (And I totally remember who it was, that group of smart-arses) and he's all like WHAT'S UP EASTER BUNNY?! HAHAHAHA! And his buddies laugh and I laugh cos it could be WAY worse and everyone's having a good ol time.

When I was questioned about where I hid my eggs (ie: BOOBS) well, cos the kid was a portly fellow with a bit of a tum, I tried to retaliate with HEY YOU'RE SANTA CLAUS WHERE'S YOUR SACK OF TOYS!? but it didn't quite work because I am funnier on my blog than I am in real life.

Also, my ex used to call me 'Bunny' and I still have a complex about bunnies. But that is in ancient history and I am forgetting about all that. THANK GOODNESS.

My dad left a present on the keyboard for me today, and I opened it to find a white chocolate easter bunny jazz band. AAAAW!!!!
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I have been sweating over a hot keyboard ALL DAY and what do I have to show for it beside not having blogged all day?! Scrib's new blog-o-pad looks pretty damn good now, if you ask me.

My dad's house is full of lady bugs, which is cool because they're cute and harmless and dumb and fun to play with (cept that one that dive bombed me last night and freakin bit the back of my neck and then had the nerve to crawl into my shirt and I was forced to thrash around trying to get the bastard out). They're all over the place, I constantly have little red and black visitors on the computer desk, and I've found them climbing up the inside of my jeans (that scared the SHEET out of me), in the keyboard, runned over one with the mouse, climbing on my drinks...surprised I haven't managed to eat one yet.

So, yesterday I was talkin to Whatshisname and there was one climbing on my soda bottle, and when it got to the top circled and circled the cap. I think it did it for about 10 minutes before I forgot about it.

Whatsername says:
lol...theres a ladybird trying to get into my diet pepsi

5 seconds later...

Whatsername says:
shit i think i drank it...no...its on my boob

I'm a genius.

Three movies I cried at the end of today (because I am emo due to PMS and no, not that trendy kind of emo, I mean emo as in emotional because I have a shitstorm of hormones raging through my body, not because I have been listening to Morrissey or Dashboard Confessional all day on my iPod and drinking triple shot mocha soy lattes no foam all day and wearing $600 dollar jeans and writing songs about how my last cigarette broke.)

1. The Wedding Singer
2. Hook
3. Dogma

Yeah, I know...real tear-jerkers.

Almost as sob-inducing as this one film I watched not too long ago about the Vietnam war and these guys had to parachute out of a B-52 (or whatever it was) with an elephant and they rigged em up all snug and then they all jumped and the elephant's parachute wouldn't open so one of the soldiers heroically soared over to the elephant before he opened HIS chute and he pulled the auxilary cord and THE ELEPHANT WAS SAVED and I sobbed openly and wetfully over that film.

I have never cried so hard over any movie in my life. It was awesome yet totally pathetic at the same time.

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It's been a coupla days since I made the big final move over to Blogger due to an epic-ly blown out of proportions private message to a Journalspace dev that got twisted into a pink balloon poodle out of nothing. (I'll stop bitching about this soon, I swear, but this has really actually made me quite angry.)

My really good friend (adopted poppa, actually) is pretty unhappy with how the situation was dealt with as well. He's also written to the fella about what happened and got a nasty little response as he posts here and has more to say about.

Apparently time has not even begun to heal this tiny papercut of a wound, and I know for a fact that Scribs is a PRO at what he does and diplomacy was at it's height when he wrote. I am also posting both the message and the response (with permission).

Okay, so since I DO have friends and there are people who agree that the manner that this dev handled something so MINOR, Scribs shot this off to the guy in charge of the late beta blog:

On Thu, 13 Apr 2006 16:20:48 -0700, MrScribbler wrote:

I must say that, with respect, I think you were a little rough on Whatsername.

If you read her journal, you'd know she uses slang regularly (just as MANY people here use the f-word, and worse, regularly), and I know beyond a doubt she meant NO disrespect in the title of her message to you.

Many of us find some features here confusing, and going to the community message boards can be, as I know from experience, daunting.

She is a friend of mine, and her feelings were hurt by your assumption -- incorrect, BTW -- that she was cursing at you, and the comment that "maybe she would be happier elsewhere."

Likewise, I personally feel the comments left in the beta journal were over-the-top. I understand having feelings hurt, but there is no need to feel hurt for NO REASON.

Frankly, I think an apology to her from you would be a gracious act. JS doesn't need to lose her.

A frank, gentle request that they re-think how they've inflamed the situation and I thank Scribbler GREATLY for standing up for me.

The response, on the other hand, was sharp-tounged and unforgiving. It shows a complete inability to take any consideration into the fact that OOPS! Someone made a...*drumroll*...mistake in addressing another person. (Not like it's never happened in far worse ways to other people.)

Wow, if her message to me "meant no disrespect" and that's how she treats people in real life, then that's truly unfortunate.

She will indeed be happier somewhere else. Other blogging sites have paid staff to take abuse. I don't. Sorry.

A-SCUSE ME? I've never had anyone get angry with me over something like this, and if they DID have something to say about my usage of words, my phrasing, whatever, they were polite about it and I complied and everyone was happy. They didn't put words in my mouth and claim I was abusive. But, apparently my personal grasp and usage of the English language IS just that. But this is the first I've heard about it.

And I would also like to mention the fact that Journalspace accepts payment for usage of their Pro-acess, which I have had almost since the beginning. (Some people have dropped quite a lot of money on the site.) This is how they treat a paying customer? In the land where I am from, if someone (ie: customer, ie: business, ie: $$$) has a question, even if it's a little off the mark, it gets answered. Or in the cases of some, the private message I sent with the 'WTF!?' title would have been completely ignored, and banished into cyber-oblivion never to be heard from again. I would have been fine with that. I'm not the sort to wait 5 seconds and then shoot off a message demanding why they haven't answered me yet. I do have training in customer service, which is NOT obvious because I sent this stupid PM without thinking first. (Like I said before...OOPS.)

How could THEY know that, though? Whatever. It's called diplomacy. And PS, I do have the ability to respect an opinion if it's made known to me in a non-rude manner. Really.

This also boils down to prior hissy fits and this same dev packing it in for three months because they added a new feature (no clue what it was, this was December or something) instead of focusing on the lag issues the site was having, people speaking up about it and they just threw down and quit for months on end.

Another friend in the blogosphere has also packed up camp and got outta Dodge. Earl Grey, formerly of Journalspace had something to say about it all as well. He posts here his reasons for leaving. These all stemmed from the one and same beta dev and was fed up and decided that now was a good time to get the heck out.

It's all in all a pretty stupid situation. All based on an overreaction to a mistake that someone made and now people are unhappy. SORRY! Jeez.

In all, the handling of the email was at best, pathetic. I would have properly apologised if...IF the request to not swear was say, polite, or if it was, like I said before, ignored as many many professionals would have, it would force me to either wait, do my homework about what I was asking about or better yet, prepare a proper message without the headline I originally sent.

Trust me, I don't like drama, but I think (as do many many others) that if someone pays for a service, they should get treated like they pay for it and not like someone who is just out to raise hell and then have the providerpack up and quit because they got some criticism.

On another note,


FOR TEH WIN! It only took me what, YEARS?! of gaming and blogging to do it!Do I get a certificate or a plaque or something? Now, with my hate winnings, I'm gonna go send emails titled 'WTF' to the rest of the world (and go to Disneyland). The rest of the world that won't get their knickers twisted and run crying back to their bedroom in their mommy's basement and not come out for three months because I am such a bastard that I would even THINK that someone who deals with computer related jargon and slang and PEOPLE and stuff like that would be offended by the letter 'F'.

The folks on Sesame Street would not be pleased. And maybe I should be offended by the letter 'U'.



On to more interesting, awesome things. Like this morning, I was rudely awakened by a charlie horse. GOOD MORNING to ME! Now, I haven't the slightest as to the cause of those or a reason I would get one in my sleep, but maybe I was like, running a marathon or playing Brockian Ultra Cricket or something. Better to wake up to that, than say, a real horse in my room that also happens to be taking a dump on my face.

Although, depending on the night prior, and the consumption of MANY certain fizzy alcoholic beverages, the room may have the air of a horse having taken a dump in there, only much cleaner. It's like math for drunks.

I am a sexy bitch.
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Okay, so I used to have another blog, and it's almost 2 years old. It is a good blog, and I refuse to delete it because it's gotten me through some pretty tough times.

So why the sudden move? Bad customer service and a rude dev.

Now, let me explain the situation. I sent a private message asking for clarification of a few things, as sometimes the site (Journalspace) is somewhat vague and disorganised.

Subject: WTF!?
On Wed, 12 Apr 2006 20:16:36 -0700, Whatsername wrote:

I don't understand this new color palette thing and why when I open up my layout to add ONE small thing that NOTHING is as I designed it to be (but my blog looks fine). The text is all different and there are different variables there that I sure as heck didn't put there, and it's completely unfamiliar.

I definitely do not like this because I fixed something in someone else's blog today and when I hit save the layout was DESTROYED (thank goodness for the library, good idea on that...VERY) and I want to add ONE small variable into my blog without the hassle of having to halfway re-do my layout. It's a change that should take all of 15 seconds, not 45 minutes of fixing everything that was there before.

I haven't seen an explanation for any of this yet, but then I have been a bad JSer and havent gone all the way through the colour picker because when I do my layouts I use a non-JS colour chooser. Still, a list of THOSE variables would be nice, and if there is a way to disable it and enable it AND a complete list and explanation of the variables, that would be gorgeous.


I never thought I would get the response that I did. Maybe I should have had second thoughts about using "WTF", but the reply I got pretty much stunned me and made me angry.

Subject: Re: WTF!?
Sorry that it angered you to the point that you felt like using the word "fuck" was an appropriate choice.

Did you read the "Bot has been bad" private message you got a few weeks ago? Read it again. That's why we sent it to you: to help you.

Okay...okay...I shoulda done my homework a little better, to be honest, and I ADMITTED THAT! I certainly don't think I deserved a response like that. I just honestly never though "WTF" would insult anyone! I mean, seriously!

Wait, though. It gets better...

As an afterthought to my first private message I shot off another one because I was certainly not clear on the function of the features and my brain was going about 100 miles per hour (and I also never though I would get such a quick reply...that's about ALL they have going for them right now.).

Subject: Re: PS
On Wed, 12 Apr 2006 20:20:47 -0700, Whatsername wrote:

also, I found this link


because I actually looked for it and i just wanted to say I don't want that in my blog and how can I NOT have that in my blog since it was so kindly placed there for me?

Sorry. I'm a pain, but this just seems uneccesary and should be a choice, not just shoved in for people.

Thank you again for your time.

I've been pretty polite, if not a big rambly and the thoughts not quite collected. But the RUDE response I recieved was rather panties-twisted-in-a-knot-ish.

Subject: Re: PS
I'm serious: read the "Bot has been bad" private message we sent you a few weeks ago. It's important!

If you don't understand it, go to the bug hunt forum and ask a question there:


Either way, do not swear at me again.

Wow. One would think I had just cussed out his/her mother and then made a rude comment about the integrity of her womanhood. But as seen above, nothing of the like was mentioned. Stuff like that doesn't get anyone anywhere but in trouble.

By the time I had gotten done reading all this, I was pretty miffed. I think I have every right to be angry. I've been made to look stupid, none of my questions were answered how I felt they should have been answered. I assumed that since they ran a public site questions and criticism would be taken in stride, even welcomed, as I know it has GOT to be difficult to take on a project like this. I never expected my PM's to get a reception such as this, nor did I think they were written in a negative sounding tone.

Well, this is the infamous PM they have been DEMANDING that I seriously read.

Sent: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 21:30:09 -0800
Subject: Bot has been bad. Here is what you need to know.


In a fit of unacceptable enthusiasm, bot has replaced your journal layout with a default template. It's a perfectly nice template, but it's not the one you designed. Your journal most likely still looks fine, but the next time you make a change to your design, you may find that your design has been overwritten by the default template.

Not to worry. As soon as we discovered the journalbot's mistake, we saved your existing design. If you go to the Choose a journal design page and look at the Pick a design you've saved into your design library pull-down menu, you'll find a new design called "backup auto-saved by journalspace on March 28." That is a copy of your journal's design before journalbot had its way with it.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We'll send you a coupon to make up for your time and trouble. The cost of the coupon will come out of journalbot's salary.

Oh I DEFINITELY recall getting that PM. And I can also honestly say that I didn't read past the part that said my layout may have been replaced with a default layout. I worked pretty hard to learn (on my own) the stuff to make up an HTML layout and to think that it might have just been baleted due to a bug, did, in fact panic me a little. I checked my blog...saw the layout was fine and never thought another thing about it. I just heaved a sigh of relief and went on my merry little way.

I thought they meant that the actual physical layout was bugged. Not the skeleton and code where I would customise the layout.

See where I am unclear of things now?

Also, a lot of new things get added to the site that I never think twice about, as I do my own HTML, I use off site colour palettes among other things. I just carried on, and when I went to add something into the blog of a friend of mine's, and saw all these new variables, of course I had NO CLUE what the heck was going on. In order to add one small bit of HTML which would normally have taken about 30 seconds, I had to re-do the layout (thank goodness for the design library that was added a few months ago. The second good thing they have going for them.) which, thankfully, only took a few minutes due to said library.

I was baffled. Parts of the layout had to be fixed even afterwards, but that was just pasting in images, no biggie.

We all recieved the pro access coupons for 14 days. Okay, got it. Went on my merry way.

Now, back to the LAST private message that I sent to the dev, because I was STILL not clear about things, and felt they were being incredibly rude to me.

This is the reply to the reply to "WTF!?" I was, admittedly a bit smartarsed as I censored the 'F' in 'WTF.'

On Wed, 12 Apr 2006 22:23:46 -0700, Whatsername wrote:

1. i did not use the full spelling of that word. YOU did. I'm sorry that 'WT*' is insulting. Most nerds nowadays aren't insulted by things like that, as it is so widely used. My bad.

2. It was sent to help us, but what remedy is a 14 day coupon going to do for us? We were notified of the problem, but not how to fix it, at least not from what I saw.

So, I've had words put in my mouth, as I never spelled out the F-word. I am actually rather careful in my use. I don't use it in conversation unless I know it's probably okay. I also use it in my blog, as do thousands of others. I don't direct it at anyone. I'm still baffled over the response, that it was recieved in such anger and then had that animosity directed back upon me so rudely.

Here is the final reply, as by now I had decided that I was indeed going to no longer patronise this site. I wold keep the blog and the links, but would no longer be writing there.

Final reply:

Sent: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 22:28:36 -0700
Subject: Re: WT*!?

Read it carefully. It explains how to select the backup template to restore your original template. If you're still not sure, post a question in the 'bug hunt' forum and somebody will help you.

Trying to start a beta blog was a noble idea that I should have known was destined to fail. I give up.

Maybe you'll be happier on another blogging site?

Well, then. Thank you MUCHLY for answering my questions in such a knowledgable, friendly way. Apparently I hit a nerve by asking a question and they felt it fitting to be rude and unhelpful, and in the end drive away a paying customer from their site. Well, more than one, actually. My friends are not exactly pleased with the direction that my simply asking a few questions took, and will be leaving with me.

This is the final post on the 'beta blog' that the dev put up just a few days ago.

It's been less than 24 hours since the first post to the beta blog and we've gotten our first flame via private message from a young lady who figured that swearing at us via private message, rather than posting to the bug hunt community, was the best way to get action.

She's right, in a way. We did this to reach out to people who want to try cool new things, not to anger people to the point that their only recourse is to swear at us.

We're going to move on to more productive things. The beta blog is no more.

I will be QUITE happy here at Blogger.
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I guess creepie crawlie season just kicked in here, because last night, I was minding my own business and I got up to go get a 2am snack or something when lo and behold there was Spanky the Spider sitting in the middle of the living room floor waiting to jump my ass.

There he was, his hairy black ass was COMING for me, but he tried to play it off by acting all confuzzled when I stood up and turned around and then panicked silently. I only ever get attacked by these damn things when someone is sleeping and if I do happen to squeak/scream/holler someone is going to think some dude is down here with a hacksaw and I am getting turned into rack-of-Sarah, or on the other hand, I will get yelled at for waking them up.

Usually something ends up in a world of hurt, and thankfully it's not me. Fear + phone book = *phew*.

Aluminum baseball bats and hairspray also work quite well. Combined with an irrational fear of anything 8-legged it's a deadly mix. Sometimes the wall comes out alright, but the person (third) that I called begging to come kill the fat brown spidey that was plotting with the cat to scare the living hell out of me.

See, it all started when I came home from work all la-de-da and the cat was sitting on the floor like a good kitty and I reached down to give em a scrub on the head and like, 2 inches away was the evil brown bastard that I KNOW Was like "Hey, cat...watch this!" And the cat was like "Sweeet...this is gonna be sweet." And then I enter stage right and begin screaming upon sight of the bloody thing and danced away to call everyone I know and beg them to come and dispose of it.

Who the hell calls three people to kill a spider not much bigger than a quarter? A MANIAC, that's who.

So I call...and I beg...and I scream and I prolly deafen them in one ear as I go along...and I finally get to one of my girlfriends who lives just a few blocks away and she's like "DUDE. Kill it before it goes off and lays eggs." And I brandished bat and aerosol and bye-bye went the spider.

I'm still surprised to this day that I didn't hear myself screaming through her phone as she was holding the handset as far away from her head as she possibly could.

The story was funny in my head, but now just seems so utterly recockulous...

I can't wait to get the hell out of Western New York and back to the UK. It's not just the spiders here that are driving me nuts.
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When you literally only say "WTF" to someone

and they shoot back that you said the word "fuck" to them, when really, that wasn't what was said and they get upset about it when it wasn't meant as insult

Who is in the wrong? Is ANYone wrong? Probably not.

Maybe as a seasoned blogger I ought to know that thin skins abide all over the web. Especially when someone has the nuts to mention that they aren't clear in what they say and while the information MIGHT BE THERE it obviously wasn't clear. I guess I can see where they might be coming from, but damn...don't get snippy with me when I was only asking a question to begin with. How hard is it to just let it roll off and just answer the damn question anyway?

Oh well.

Lesson learned, life is going on now. Whatever.
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