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ink is ever the little lady.
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i am almost done uploading my million bajillion photos to flickr, thank goodness. okay...maybe not. shit. all of my snow photos are on a different computer. same house, same room, just not hooked up. the seasons will be screwy, oh well!


and for yer asses, my coup de grace, magnum opus, mon favouritest bunch of photos at the mo are here, in this slideshow of golden yellowness. click the picture to enjoy.

it's known as misumenoides formosipes (i'm about 98% certain), or the crab spider. i'm going to make that my day's endeavour and look it up.

i have a wee page set up here asking for info. maybe i should ask about the green and gold bugger too.
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i am listening to my smashing pumpkins double album (mellon collie and the infinite sadness)ON TAPE because my keane cd is nowhere to be found and i may just rumble the foundation of the world into dust if it doesnt show up soon.

last night i felt the rage so bad that i had to stop playing a game so i could make a cuppa and do deep breathing excersizes so i didnt kill something and we all know ill be making an appearance as mc menses at the beginning of next month so everyone buy your tickets out of town cos i am probably going to knock over a building because i can't help it.

i cant believe i remember all the words to these songs...well mostly when i am not making sounds/lip syncing along. i can't even remember to send emails 5 minutes ago with a picture attached but i can remember songs from 10 years ago?

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gotten through the biggest bit of photo editing thank goodness. still loads more and i am weighing myself down with all the pictures i keep taking.


so, there is a lot of new stuff on my flickr. I am going to figure out how to do an album or something because as much as i like flickr it's a lot to ask people to go there and page through, sometimes. specially as many as i post.


i am posting larger photographs, now. the original layout is by noipo, entitled 'photolog'. it is also inspired by grrlsweat who i don't know at all but she takes awesome pictures and i am not stalking her nor am i trying to rip her off she just has good ideas and i am hopefully complementing rather than being unoriginal.

plus finding a decent photoblog layout was a bitch and a half.

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slideshow! click the picture! many more where that came from.

i don't have a lot to say, so i'll just show what i've been working on. i've uploaded a mega arse tonne more photos from my trip home onto my flickr" but i have about 10 times more to edit and shit. yayness!

there's kitty photos so do have a peek. everyone loves kitty photos.

oh yeah and overhaul. someday. i'm a lazy bastard.

hope everyone is well!
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I just flew in like 2 days ago and BOY are my arns tired. They were too tired for me to type. I had my first real curry and on Sunday we are setting a date for the BIG DAY.


Pictures on Flickr...none here because I am too busy with housework and EverQuest.

In that order in that size.

Okay I have to go scare the cats with the vaccuum and maybe sometime I will overhaul my blog after I get done editing all my photos in batches (we don need no steenking BATCHES!) and stuff and things and yeah.

Stuff later. I am feeling nonbloglike at the mo and so that's my excuse and I am stuck to that like a fly on rice.
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Last night before bit my tongue so hard it still hurts Mum and the Geezer and I took Ink the Cat up the hill to their spot and we watched the fireflies. I wish everyone could have seen it...the treeline and the field was a green blinky convention and it was a nice last night here in New York.

Right now I am trying to contain myself before we leave for the airport. I'll be in Newark most of the day, but that's alright. This evening I fly out and follow the first star till morning and then Whatshisname will take me home and all will be well.

Pictures soon...blog overhaul soon and stuff like that. When I have time. I gotta run off this belly that got me while I was here. This bride will NOT be fair, fat and wide. Dammit!

Okay yeah gotta go see everyone soon!
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I have killed an ungodly amount of brown recuse spiders out here at Mum's. Like, 11.

I've actually gotten pretty used to seeing spiders, now. They're not something I like to see creeping around, but I don't feel they all need to be stepped on, mashed, diced, sliced and squished anymore. Except the poisonous ones that hide in Mum's flowerbeds that she tends to barehanded. No biting my mommy dammit. So I shovelled most of what I saw to death.

They have me doing this backbreaking labor in the hot hot sun and I am a little pink, and I hate how warm it is, but I enjoy the fact that I am getting paid and that it's a good time to go shopping and buy me some new girly clothes. I have to bring home an extra suitcase!

Tomorrow is a barbecue thingy Mum is havin before I leave on Sunday. Saturday we'll probably go shopping again so I have more crap to cram into my luggage.

It' s not exciting out here, otherwise.

I saw fireflies, though!
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Okay, so my comments will be down until they come back. And I don't know when that is, SO if anyone REALLY REALLY has something to say or wants to say something, if you don't have my email already, hit me up at blame.the.commies AT gmail DOT com (write that like a regular email address).

Sporadic maybe posting during the week as I go shopping and hang out with Mum and get ready to head home.

Fred is not pleased with being kicked out of my room, the Bink either. The orange kitty who has been dubbed Ralphie by my dad's woman is okay, working on a home for him, at least a pet rescue where he won't get euthanised. And like I said before if anyone from the south of Buffalo area in in New York wants a kitty, seriously let me know, he's awesome. He swims; likes strawberry yoghurt, spinach and cheese soup, cauliflower, broccoli; has heat resistant paws (has to have from the time he jumped on top of the grill to get my pork chop) and he will love you forever.

Anyway, later.

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My comments went poof. I'll deal with that later when I give a crap.

I just totally cried real tears at the end of Joe Dirt just now.

This one time when I was like 3, I met Robert Redford when he was filming The Natural in the town right by us. They had to stop filming because they were getting glare off my dad's old Chevy Nova and Mum was sitting in there breast-feeding my brother (who has a $3000 camera and I want to send someone to bite his groin abd chop up his credit cards) and they had to cover up the car and both parties got a big surprise and Mum was all embarassed cos Robert Redford was right there and yeah, I'd be embarassed too.

And by met, I probably mean saw him from a great distance, but that is my second earliest memory.

My first memory ever I will have to relate later after I finish spazzing out from the huge pink frosting rose I ate off of the cake we had for dinner tonight.
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Okay so I was watching TV with my dad and his woman the other day and eating dinner and this advert comes on for some pill for men who need to piss a lot urgently, stuff like that…so it makes you pee less often and blah blah, something about a prostate, there are side effects whoopdedoo and two of them were runny nose and reduced amount of semen (like you produce less) so I was like "I bet that's why you get a runny nose, cos of the lack of semen downstairs" and my dad and his woman fucking cracked up so hard and he says to me "that's sick" and I am about falling out of my chair laughing.

So that little orange cat is still around, he comes around when I yodel for him in the morning. (I am indeed the inventor/creator of the patented Tobas cat call, Tobas being my old cat who now resides with Kaotix.) And he meows and I yodel and meow and he yowls and comes stumbling out of the brush after a night of debauchery with the barn cat ladies down the lane.

I learned yesterday that he is not afraid of water and that he will follow me through shallow water (with only a wee hesitation) and that he will not freak out when I put him in water that's just a little deep, and he will swim back to the patch of gravel on the beach and meow at me, rather than streak off into the tall grass screaming like its been set on fire then dipped in tobasco sauce and then shot in the ass with penicillin. We had a nice little time out yesterday, and then today I went wading again and kitty came swimming but this time, it was a bit different.

I lo and beholded a watersnake so I had to leap into the water (it was ankle deep, and damn I love not having to take off my flip flops…I can wade in em then walk through the house :D ) with the last 4 pictures on my camera so I could get the angle and the shot and the snake held still for me and he poked his head out the water at me and was like, "what's up dude." And I got in real close and I was like "GIVE ME SEXY THAT'S IT SUCK IN THOSE CHEEKBONES OH YEAH THAT'S PERFECT HOLD THAT POSE NOW GIVE ME MISCHEVIOUS *snap snap snap snap* You’re gorgeous baby, let's do lunch I'll have my people call your reptiles CHOW." And while I was shooting the cat waded through the pond and jumped on me.

I got owned. I had wet pussy CAT all over me.

So now I'm officially out of room on my camera and I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO DO for my last 10 days of being here. 9 now. NINE DAYS YOU FUCKERS!!!!!!

Okay, you're not all fuckers. How about [baletes 'fuckers'] I *POINTPOINTPOINTPOINT*

I'll do the I am OUTTA here dance and shake a baby I mean my moneymaker and then eat a cookie. There is one chocolate chip cookie left and I am going to save it. I must resist the call of the cookie. There are dutch chocolate ones, but those aren't as good.

Oh and I totally watched this SUPER freakyscaryspooky show on SciFi about a haunted sanatorium (what abandoned sanatorium ISN'T freaking haunted) and it was SO scary and I was afraid of the dark for a while and then I realized there's one that’s like 15-20 miles from here (Perrysburg) and I've driven by it a whole buncha times and I bet that shit is scary as fuck too. Not that I have the cahones to even slow down driving by a place like that.

Ok and then um...hmm. That's it. I have a bug bite on my ankle and I am going MAAAAAAAAD.
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Just when the blog was getting boring cos nothing was going on, one of the gigantic maple trees next to the driveway grew a howling orange cat night before last, and I coaxed it out and it meowed at me. I met up with the wee orange catty cat again yesterday and we hung out and walked around the pond and he almost rolled off the deck into the water because it is SOOOOO completely utterly orangely adorable and he was being cute and then he spent the night on the porch and ate a can of dog food (there were no complaints!) and at 0130ish after the Golden Girls was over, I went outside to say goodnight and while I was sittin out there, a raccoon peeked out from under the porch at me TWICE and I am hesitant of them but it was sweet nonetheless.

Then I slept like shit cos I was starting to get real homesick and moody cos my dad's woman is menopausal and that caused me to skip and entire month and if that ain't hell, I don't know what. And I didnt wanna turn the light on to read and the cats were fighting across me again and it was starting to get light out and I finally went to sleep only to have my dad cranking some fucking folk music celtic bullshit in the kitchen that emanated through the entire house because the walls are only an inch thick why didn't he just hang fucking blankets on string rather than bother drywalling at all so I woke up to that thankfully feather pillows keep sound out. Then I kept wakingup and going back to sleep and I finally got up at 2 something cos I am a lazy rat bastard and then I gotup and they went hiking and orange kitty is off doing something and I was going to download GoPets but I am getting my visa this week so I said fuck it and now I have to go pack.

Oh and if anyone from like, nearish Buffalo wants the cutest orange cat like, ever, blog me and we'll get ya hooked up cos he needs a mommy and he's awesome and is litter trained and will loooove you and will climb on you and lick your hand and sit on your shoulder and puuuururrrrrrrr. So yeah lemme know if anyone wants it for real for sure now and we'll get ya hooked up. If it comes back, that is, he wanders cos he's not fixed.

I have a feeling he'll be round again though.
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I found one of these battering itself against a window last night. Out of everything I've gotten to photograph so far this trip, this has to be the most amazing thing I've had the privelege. (The photo isn't mine, but I have some stored on my digi.) It's the lovliest shade of green I've ever seen.

For more information on the Luna moth, try Wikipedia or the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center among a few.

I couldn't even begin to tell anyone how old it is, but by the looks of it's wings the moth has been around a bit, couple of days maybe, as it looks a bit tattered and the swallowtail is about to disintegrate. Hopefully it's still around this evening so I can show my dad and his woman when they get home.

Also, I saw that damned spider I couldn't kill the other night last night. It snuck through the living room, BY MY DESK! behind the sofa and I turned and saw it scuttle out by the televisiom and by the time I grabbed a phone book, the little fucker scurried into safety. DAMN YOOOOOU!!!!! I WILL get that little shit.

History of the World Part 1 is on and it's so funny I am crying. Awesome sauce.
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I made some buttons for my blog today because I get caught up and lost on the many winding paths of the internet and end up doing small weird things that are really highly unneccesary but are somehow really important at the time but later on it was like why did i waste my time doing that? And I also didn't throw any cats in ponds though, Fred did bite the crap outta my hand for no reason other than he's a cranky old man and it was like nearly 90 and humid and I would bite people too if I was wearing a fur coat. Then it decided to POURDOWNRAIN as soon as I hung out laundry to dry.

So, I made these for the purpose of linking back here or something akin to that kinda thing. I used this site right here. It's pretty sweet.

So if anyone wants one just right click em and save em and put em on yer blog. Or not. I was just bored.

I also wanted to complain about what a jerk my dad is cos last night there was a huge spider in the kitchen and he was awake and I was downstairs facing this gigantic beast and I shouted for assistance and I even yelled "DADDY! SPIDER!" and he has no compassion cos I had to stand there and stare it down while I thought of a battle plan ALL BY MYSELF and I lost horribly because it's in the sideboard heater somewhere and it's probably got a little Napoleon hat and a pistol and it's going to get me in my sleep because he will gladly give his life so I have a nice early morning snack and everyone will know and laugh at me and I'll be horrified.

I can't believe 'daddy' didn't even work. I'm disappointed.

Also, I almost busted my dad and his woman skinny dipping in the pond yesterday but had the good sense to ask (YELL) if they were naked before I got to the pond. My eyes are safe for now, but damn those old ass hippie foolios need to buy swimsuits.

(Kaotix...shut it...i know what you're thinking, and you've already filled my head with enough of that...imagery. Big meaniehead!)
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