Letters of Nothing To Anybody

world of warcraft has recently sucked me in, engulfed me and i play for hours. its a good thing i can't work here yet or else i would miss work. a lot of work, due to lack of sleep.

other than that i dont have much to say, i haven't even been taking pictures or reading or anything other than sleeping, eating, playing world of warcraft. sad, i know. :) the only reason i am writing here now is cos they are restarting the servers to fix something.

i'm having a good time though. i don't have much else to share with the world, whoever may still be popping in to see what's going on in my small bit of the internet. guess the gaming bit of my brain is on, and the other it is on holiday in bermuda getting drunk and will hopefully come back with it's buddies ready for some football or whatever.






i wish mystery science theatre was still on tv. we're running out of seasons. MITCHELL!!
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