Letters of Nothing To Anybody

ok ok ok so i know i posted this like 2 days ago or whatever, but in a massive stroke of genius...or was that just a stroke...? anyway, cos i am cleverer than the cleverest me on a good day i added a caption.

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fuck i'm witty. >.>

that oughta get me some hits. i know how many people can't tell the difference between that plain and the other plane. i know this because i game and because people also can't tell they're from their from there. and also everyone calls warlocks 'locks' and it makes me want to commit horrible hate crimes upon those who do, and some of those people are my friends. A lock is something that a rogue picks. harumph n stuff.
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in other news my friend fred has gone to that cat condo in the sky, and i'm happy for him, cos the bink was a biatch to him, but i'm sad cos he was a kickass cat. least he won't have that nasty tumor on his footyfoot anymore. i'll miss em though. he went to sleep for the last time last monday.

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aaaaand as should be expected, malygos (my wow realm, thats the last time i'm tellin ya!) went super wonky freakster like again for the billionth time, and as i was running to honor's stand there was nothing waiting to chase me around and try to bite my bony undead hinder, which was completely out of sorts.

also, i suddenly had 4 snakes following me when i should have only had one. here's the proof. it's not pudding, but it could be if you liked scales. and skanky undead chicks. that's me in the middle. defibrula, if ya care so much.

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i've been pretty antisocial lately. i hate famous people and non famous people and people who say stupid shit on tv and drama queens and actrsses and all sorts of stupid shit. i am pretty socially inept...completely incapable of meeting new people even on the internet and i'm pretty much okay with that. i know all my right people. i also fucking despise music. bland blander blandest with only a few that aren't boring cookie cutter trend bands and that makes me hate musicians even though i know they work hard.


world of warcraft is down (oh maybe that explains my social ineptness/hatefulspitefulness/whatever and if that does then jump my butt and eat shit) and it will be until my evening time because blizzard is lame even though theyre not and it's not fair i have to be bored all day in the uk while all the happy americans will get to come home to a fresh patch after a long day of hating bush. it always takes me by surprise...every time and it's annoying i don't catch on and i never notice anything new unless it's either bitched about in general chat or on the patch window in big letters with a picture and usually that doesn't make a difference whatsoever cos it will always be ZOMG LAG times infinity. zomg n00b. emote emote.

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i'd say im happy with everyone but myself but it's quite the opposite.

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i might actually delete this later.

ps. sorry. i'm not going back to journalspace. that was a passing whim/moment of insanity.
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i got tagged like 2 weeks ago by the lovely JaG and I am finally doing my homework and dusting off the cobwebs and yeah.

everyone has already done this, so i'm not tagging anyone. 8 things y'all! ok here we go.

1. i took drum lessons from a real rock star person once. i think i still owe him money so i am not saying who.

2. i fucking let my flickr pro run out and now i have to wait till next month to upload pictures or somehow put lots of money in my american bank account so i can also pay for my world of warcraft sub that has also expired. i neeeeeeeed them!!!


3. it's now 10 minutes to one, i've been out shopping and back, had lunch and this was hours ago. how efficient am i. it was bloody humid and grey out. if i hadn;t worn my jacket and my hat i think i would have stayed out longer. i wanna go shopping again. did you know that $400 =£196?

4. my anxiety is going byebye, i think. been a good few weeks.


5. i very nearly thought about writing in my old blog, because i like the layout. but due to circumstances, i most certainly will not. (i'm still waiting for an apology, dammit)

6. the postman probably heard me singing a song to the cats. it was a reprise of 'maria' by blondie.


7. my youngest brother is fucking weird and i wish i had known that a long time ago.

8. i know a guy in a band (Catch) who is going to be playing at the venue in liverpool where the beatles were discovered. i hope they get discovered too! i would so make a cardboard sign and wait at the airport and scream when they came out of baggage claim. i am also going to be taking pictures of said band, but not in liverpool, in belfast or something.

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