Letters of Nothing To Anybody

ok so who ever decided that today would be a good day for a freak snowstorm in buffalo has a sick twisted sense of humour. mum and the geezer are supposed to leave in a few hours to head for newark and then head here...i'm supposing that they'll be a bit late as there are 2 feet of white cementy snow holding things up -- or weighing things down, rather. the geezer was telling me earlier that there were pictures on the news of a huge jet upended practically because of the weight of the snow on its tail.

so i am more in shock that it snowed so much so early than i am sad that they will be held up, but whatshisname keeps telling me that they'll be here, they still have days. which is very true and from what i hear, the sun is out and shining so western new york will be treated to some flash floods in the near future.
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warcraft is down for the day, which sucks because i have to wait all day for them to do the maintenance while everyone stateside gets to go to work and think about playing the game and then come home and play it cos the work is done while i have to wait until my entire day has passed and be bored and not write in my blog cos i am, how you say, le boring. whatshisname and i are going out for a chinese tonight, though, so that will pass some time.

the Big Day is next week, mum arrives saturday and hopefully the wedding jitters will stay cool. jitters period can fuck off. i had a panic attack downtown the other day whilst ring shopping, but that was due to lots of people out, which was the lesser of two evils, but the screaming of british sirens coming down the street terrorised me into tears and i had to drink a bunch of rescue remedy and eat a mint and cling to whatshisname and try not to hyperventilate. i was still shocked about that happening far into the evening. we got our rings fine, thankfully.

i was going to write a bunch of stuff about how people annoy me but i changed my mind and now other people can imagine what i was going to write.

im tired. i didnt sleep until 8.05 this morning.
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