Letters of Nothing To Anybody

Sometimes I wish I could plug this thing into my head cos I keep meaning to write down the shit I think but then I am waaaaay too busy playing Second Life and going to bed early like I just turned 100 and if I stay up past midnight I'll turn into a pumpkin or something.

We had an incredibly wasted parental unit in the house last night. Home from his office holiday partay-soiree-shindig-bingedrikathon, he came come and ate like half a jar of this 8 year old french hot chocolate mix that I had inadvertantly left out meaning to chuck in the bin but rather dragged myself to bed and left it out. He even went so far as to take it to watch golf (Zzz...oh sorry did I pass out there for a second?) and for the best part of an hour shovelled bits of it into his mouth and down the front of him.

I wish I had been awake, and I'm surprised I wasn't as he ALSO (my fault but it's retarded and hilarious) was picking up all the ancient biscuits and Tesco hot cocoa from 2005 and the latter was caked into the jar so he was out in the kitchen hammering away on the rubbish bin and Whatshisname said you could hear it down the street and it was 1am and if I had woken up I probably would have ripped his face off then smashed the jar over his head. Or else shuffled out to the kitchen and proceeded to whine. I am a professional whiner. Consider that your final warning.

I need a new layout for this blog.

Kaotix started a real blog. IT'S ABOUT TIME. I hope he doesn't neglect his as much as I do mine. But if he does it's cos he's getting famous being an artist and stuff.
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well THAT lasted all of a day. good job me. way to go. *raspberries*

i can quit smoking cold turkey, that was easy.

yeah, that pretty much sums it up. think i'll go back downstairs and watch Gamera.

i had to keep this journal in highschool and our english teacher would read it. it was only supposed to be like, and english/grammar journal for book reports, how we liked this or that or the other thing but i seriously went to town on it and had like 8 different composition books full of teenage angst. i read them not too long ago and boy oh boy did i have some fucking issues. And this was like the stone age of blog, cos in the beginning the teacher would leave little post it note comments on some of the pages. fucking rad!

needless to say he stopped that after the first journal got filled up because i was some kind of fruitcake.

anyway i have a tin of chocs and more films to watch.
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i am going to blog every day for a month.

even if it's about what i ate for lunch because somewhere in there i have got to be able to find some old story about something stupid i've done and it might even be funny/interesting/blahblah/fill space et cetera. yeah.

i decided i like blogging from a not my own computer because i like the keyboard even though i feel like i have massive sausage fingers and i keep haveing to backspace to fix my errors (i should quit that so i can srrree just how shit i am at typing, even when i am looking at the damn keyboard.)

ok so beaisde blogging ewvery day for a month, i am going to quit backspacing to fix my mistakes. this will either lead to a) mt blog exploding, b) me learning to ytpe properly, or c) everyone in the worls trying very hard to believe i dont really exist and that NOONE can possibly be this bad at something they;ve done quite a lot of pover the past few ytears. hey...i dont get paid for thid!

another possigbile reaction to this blog is i forget what but i'm really not ig'nant i just ytpe bad. really nad. i an 100% fluent in typo.

ok so i can spell. i can spell very well. i am just not bothering to correct myself and i can already feel people going CRAZY becaise they want to edit the poor mistypen (i alkso make up wotrds so shut your yap) pixwellatyed (pixellated*) space that is my poor busty...i mean dusty blog. and the factthat people may just have an aneurism (see? i can spell) reading this is utter;y hilarious.

punctuations counts as letters, right? go go gadget fat fingers HI YOOO.

so anywat, the point i am eventually mispelling and typoing my way to is that at least i make a weak attempt to spell out all my words, mangled as they may be) and don't swap YOU with a U which vexes me something fierce and troubles me as much as someone chewing bubble gume (wehich shold be be banned...i am so packing up whatshisname and moving to singapore) and i tend to ignore those who dont spell things oput.

world of warcraft is horroble for this shit. i'm dsorry,m you're not texting your mates, and while i am not completely unguilty (yeah!) of this, i use my fair share of LOL's, and OMG's, there has to be a line drawn somewhere between mobile phone speek and the game because id someone came up to me and actually spoke to me like that, i would put the ,m on my ignore list** IMMEDIATELTY and go on my merry way. but it IS truly hilarious to see people tearing other sup for the wrong use of the words 'to' and 'too' in general. people get maaaaad! its funny when it's not you thwey're picking aprat also, though.

i will get picked apart for this travesty of a blog post though. and i could care less.

i just got one of those 43tHINGS THINGIES AND (*smashes caps lock*) and i think i will add Learn to type properly without looking and fucking up everyother word ti the 13 i have up already. but i think i broke the site because i cant get to it.

i've also decided that my home realm on warcrfat is no longer suitable for my consumption so once i get the chance i am picking up and moving my sole level 60 to my freind;s realm and then i shall be happy.

and lalalala today i woke up at 5am after going to sleep before 9 after getting up at 5am and then taking a nap at 1pm abd getting up justintime to watch Neighbours and whatshisname handed me a beer and now it's 10am and i am seriously thinking about pulling a bremerton and walking to the offy to pick up more beer...even though we have a bitleft in the fridge. i drank a large portion of it the other nightbecaise i am prone to the occasional binge drink and i watched the last 15 minuutes of Serenity and then passed out watching robin hood prince of thieves, which i actually liek so shaddap you face, and when i woke up wiuth an empty propped up by my pillow and my glasses still on to the 3rd episode of NCIS i have ever watchd and it was a REAPEAT and not robin hood, ALSO i was on the sofe in my dressing gown and jeans under a feather duvet and roasting.

then i couldnt sleep and i forget what the timeline is now but i think i am going to steal this keyboard.

there is an MST3K viking women film i need to gopay attention to now.

*i'm throwinf out a bone here. but only one.

**i have an ignore list in real life. it's like a little black book, onl6y made pof mental notes.

decemeber is offically wquit typing like an asshole month here at the whatsername offices incorprated. operators are standing by.

to remove my fingers.
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