Letters of Nothing To Anybody

I hafta sort out some stuff, like my Flickr account, which is currently not showing the full extent of it's chock-full-o-photoness. That's pretty dusty too, come to think of it.

Not making any resolutions this year cept to register at the doctors. Diets are lame and quitting smoking (!) will come when the big 3-0 hits. I hear it's painless so I should be okay. Turning 30, I mean. I've already done the cold turkey thing.

(Scribs - have you seen Kitten With A Whip? I have that on now!)

Also...the Wednesday Soon thing...that's my second life avatar. I have a blog for that too which is just as dusty as this one. Here's some photobucket pics till I get my Flickr paid up again.


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