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I know someone who will recognise this pic. ;D

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Feeling a bit lonely, lately.

Hey, Scribs...need someone to talk to, drop by sometime, yea?



It's complicated.
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OH also, 2 years old, the eighteen-pack is today! So, to celebrate, I will try to retell the tale of the Spider and the Beer Run which happened way back in Warshington when I lived in Bremerton (I still slip and call Bangor Bremerton sometimes. It's actually slightly retarded).

Anyway, back in my ex-husband and Everquest days I used to raid frequently and get down and dirty all nerd stylie. During one of these raids, I decided that I NEEDED to have beer. It was a must have and It had to be hadded as soon as I could humanly get to the 7-11. This was actually right about the time Whatshisname and I were chillin out maxin, relazin all cool, so he kindly let me attach my warrior to him via autofollow and so I left.

First stop was the loo, lest i wet myself in the mad harikari rush to get a case of beer. Window was wide open, I was minding my own bidniss and just getting ready to leave when what stood between me and the door leading to the brewskis...a big ol brown spider.

I used to be pretty...how you say, screamy when it came to things like this. Immediate freak-outs were imminent once an arachnid entered the room. I mean teleported into my line of sight because they are TRICKY bastards. Tricky mean-spirited bastards that made me make noises I didn't know I could make.

Anyway, upon laying eyes on the spider, I screamed (mind you the window is WIDE open and I had neighbours close by) "OH MY FUCKING GOD IT'S HUGE!" and let out a few more squeaks and protests. Imagine that ringing through your neighbourhood around 8 o'clock at night. A bug probably isn't the first thing anyone would think of. That thought crossed my mind mere seconds later, and then my determination for a beer and the fact that I was still autofollowing Whatshisname and if I got trapped in the toilet I would actually be in trouble. And very not-drunk.

So, after doing a few omfg-omfg-dances around the linoleum I fucking jumped on that spider and hauled ass out the door squealing like an idiot. It actually ran first and I chased it into the living room and added it to the baseball bat and hairspray spider stain with my trusty converse. (Another mighty triumph in the history of Whatsername). Beer was obtained and I returned to my geekfest with Whatshisname a happy but shaken woman.

That house srsly had too many spiders. Only Kaotix's old pad had more and those mothers were gargantuan. I get the hoo-hah's thinking about those!

These days I am brave enough to use a piece of paper and a glass to catch the buggers (even in the dark, no less!) and escort them to another room. And shut the door. And run.

Anyway yeah, blog-birthday ftw. Let's see about next year now! (when the blog will be almost 31! And I hopefully remember to re-up my Flickr. SIGH)
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I've been working at undisclosed location since october now and I have gotten my first ever like REAL promotion (even though They didn't give us a pay rise, cos well...they're commies or summat). But I have finally been deemed responsible by an employer which is strange because I usually end up fucking something up royally and get sacked or walk out or something. I have to say though, despite liking the jeeeoorb quite a lot, having 15 girls ask you at the same time to go to the toilet can i go on break with this person does actually threaten to do my head in in a very explosive imma slap some bitches way. How I got this position I have NO CLUE. I am the first to crack under stress!

I need to take more pics since the weather is gettin way gorge out now. Too much WoW and drinking on my nights off rendering me capable but unwilling to leave the safety of my roll-y chair for much more than like, sustenance or something. There have been a rash of silly cat pics taken though. I also need to hook my mobile to ze comp so I can upload those pics as well (after I eventually upgrade to XP. I am totally arachaic.)

Anyway I need new work shoes and no, I won't say where I work cos they WILL fire my ass. I am also far too picky shoe-wise, which is funny seeing as the ones I currently wear are 3 years old but look older and are actually going to start falling apart yet I still walk to work in them.

Wow, I just got so exciting i think I turned 85 just now.

Is it sad that I got changed after work last night and walked BACK to work to get a bottle of vodka (aka vidak if you get drunk me on IM) and then walked back home and drank by myself. I feel pretty okay, so if it's sad, I haven't noticed yet.

I need to do this more, my uncanny wit and humour is a bit...absent. Anyway hai peeps.
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