Letters of Nothing To Anybody

I dont care what anybody says...

where can i get me one of these:
Go Fug Yourself

No...not a Nicole Ritchie. I don't want one of those. A caftan. One of those billowy patternedy thingies she's got on (not neccesarily in that pattern). Those things look COMFY!
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some years ago almost today but a couple days off today i posted this on my (now with new pro account power again) flickr...


furry and not blue!

more to come! i might just get my hands on a borrowed OMFG THAT CAMERA IS WORTH MORE THAN GOD camera.

and then i will rule the world.



someone send me one of those green tea funky thingummies.


Ive been back here for a couple years now! and i'm 30!

Good god y'all! (that is the last time i will ever say that word. I hate it more than people who chew gum and snap it. and i hate them a LOT)
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