Letters of Nothing To Anybody

Chinese takeaway
CArry out from the shop - Southern COmfort & Lemonade

Got fckin soaked on the way to the shops and fckin knackered on the walk back home, tired of this bloody miserable...adverse fckin weather.

Wore bad shoes going out as well. Might as well have been barefoot.

Dyed my hair tonight. Auburn rather than filthy strawberry bland.

6 cigarettes. That count is pending, still time to drink/smoke.
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I should be showering but I really need to poop and the interbutz is way more interesting than all of the above.

Work is shit, tired of petty assholes and whiners and old people (only on wednesdays, I have a switch that I flip on for that). Tired of being nice to dicks and being a dick to people I like. It's making me not happy and I haven't had a day off since LAST MONDAY. I work in a SHOP for christ's sake. I was certain they didn't need slave labour but I am expecting the pretty chains and ankle bracelets to lock us to the cash registers to come in any day now.

I have learned to spit a total line of bullshit though. That's pretty fun.


(I have to find something else to think about...all I do is fcking complain about work. I apologise!)
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