Letters of Nothing To Anybody

Been awhile, yeah. Like it better when noone's lookin over my shoulder. Or is within 10 feet of my shoulder.

Back in the good ol days I used to boot peeps out the house so I could spend some alone time with my blog. Now the blog is just hanging out in its nightie on the laz-e-boy waiting for me to come home.

At the mo I'm drowning out the homesickness with a hangover. Think I can knock a couple more tins back before it becomes defcon 4 hangover alert or whatever. I'm off work for a bit anyway thank cripes on a bicycle. Aloha Tuesday some-time-during-the-day.

Lots of song with clapping playing on my Death cab stream on Last.FM - makes it difficult to NOT clap along in a weak attempt at rhythm.

Yanno, beer is fun, but I'd be fucked if I had cracked open the vodka tonight. Sleep is sometimes far more welcome than just sitting and stewing in it.

That's what imma doin.

PS Scribs. Miss you. Got ur email. Take care, I'll speak to ya when it's possible.
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